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Private Investigator in Harrisburg, PA

Surprises can be bad for your organization. Our investigation services keep you informed. Safeguard your interests from fraudsters with due diligence from an experienced, professional investigator and expert researcher.

  • Assess your opponents and potential business partners and profile their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover hidden secrets when digging deep into the backgrounds of key people and companies
We help reduce uncertainty and doubt when you face critical decisions. We separate fact from fiction.

You need an investigator who can covertly and expertly dig into a person's social media background and online presence to discover the "real" them. You need an experienced, professional investigator to uncover the truths.

  • As an attorney, you need diligent searches performed to locate individuals in criminal and civil litigation, adoption-related cases, child support proceedings, heirs, or locate witnesses and obtain a statement.
  • As a business owner or individual, you need someone who can identify the author of an anonymous threatening letter.
  • Insurance companies hire us to perform surveillance operations to uncover evidence of fraud involving the filing of suspicious insurance claims.

Private Investigator in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, offering thorough and confidential private investigation services. Contact us in Harrisburg at (717) 788-0708 or at our toll free number 888-920-3616. We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating for excellence in service to our clients.

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