Friday, August 27, 2021

Press Release

Brian Blackwell Investigations has moved. Brian Blackwell Investigations of Seattle, Washington, is now located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Seattle became hostile to the principles and policies that enable businesses to thrive and for people to live a quality life. Seattle has become one of the worst places to operate a business, raise a family, practice a faith, and to even think freely. This is damaging to business and life.

Seattle and Washington state go to great lengths to make life hard. Both, with governments dominated by crypto-socialists, enact policies that drive out jobs, and punish productivity and entrepreneurial spirit. With the Seattle area becoming more radical on economics each year, it would have been foolish to hope that the situation would have improved.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was chosen for its family friendly environment, low cost of living, and pro business policies. Brian Blackwell Investigations is strategically located in Harrisburg to best serve clientele throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Brian Blackwell Investigations is a long standing business focused on private investigation services, insurance claims investigations, skip tracing, and family law investigative services.

D. Brian Blackwell, Principal Investigator at Brian Blackwell Investigations, with 20+ years experience, provides clients with an added bonus by bringing valuable big city investigator knowledge to each case, having worked hundreds of some of the toughest and most challenging cases as a private investigator in Seattle.

Brian Blackwell is a skilled licensed investigator with experience managing heavy caseloads of diverse investigations while maintaining high standards of thoroughness, timeliness, and budget-awareness. Discreet, client-focused investigations are complemented with creative problem-solving skills, along with organized and accurate reporting. Experience investigating cases for major insurance companies, attorneys and law firms, corporations, small businesses, chiefs of police, and journalists, with clients throughout the U.S. and in Canada, England, Japan, and India.

Brian Blackwell Investigations
2225 Sycamore Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111